The apartment building                      Summer school 2016                      Tutors




Similarly to other European cities, Liège was deeply affected by the real estate boom that began at the turn of the 1960s. In line with modernists thoughts, the mayor and private developers sought to renovate the outdated housing stock by replacing the old urban fabric with a new typology: the apartment building. Over a 15-year period, most of the 19th century houses along the quays and the boulevards were replaced with 12 storey modernist constructions. This transformation radically changed the skyline and image of the city. Nowadays, these buildings still represent an important part of the overall housing stock and yet they are gradually reaching the end of their first life cycle. With the rising cost of energy, changes in society and the evolution of norms and standards, these modern ‘icons’ are becoming outdated. This first edition of the summer school reconsidered the apartment buildings in Liège and speculated about how architectural intervention could recycle this specific housing typology.