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Real Estate Architecture #1

Summer school 2016

© Julien Ferir

The summer school took place from August 20th to 27th 2016 at the Faculty of Architecture (ULg) in Liège, Belgium. It consisted in an intensive workshop combined with a public evening program: screenings, lectures and debates. 40 international students and recently graduated architects have been selected to work on the future of the modern apartment building. These participants have worked in teams of 10 under the supervision of one of the 4 tutors. The main question to tackle was: how architectural interventions could release potential strategies for the renewal of apartment buildings, products of the real estate boom during the 60s and 70s? At the end of the week, the results of this work have been presented to and discussed with a panel of architects, urban designers, academics and public authorities. It will later be compiled in a publication and they will be subject of a public exhibition on the apartment building in Belgium in May 2017. The summer school is organized by a group of researchers and assistants from the Department of Architecture of the Universities of Liège and Ghent with as objective to encourage exchanges of architectural culture between universities.


Benoit Burquel
Martin Dumont
Guillaume Joachim

Scientific committee

Aloys Beguin (ULg)
Céline Bodson (Ville de Liège)
Sébastien Charlier (GAR asbl)
Sophie Dawance (ULg)
Michiel Dehaene (UGent)
Lisa De Visscher (A+)
Pierre Fontaine (Ville de Liège)
Pierre Frankignoulle (ULg)
Bernard Kormoss (ULg)

With the support of

Université de Liège
Ville de Liège
Lab Ville Liège
Universiteit Gent
A+ Architecture in Belgium
Wallonie Design
Thomas & Piron Bâtiments